An Exciting “Home Away from Home” That Your Dog Will Absolutely Love


Luna and Ann Whitaker –  We love having access to  every day of the year,  really makes a big difference in my life.  I also love the monthly flat fee instead of having to pay day-by-day.  Being able to pick-up late and drop-off early is also really wonderful! Not to mention to vet clinic and that  will transport Luna to get a haircut at her groomer – super convenient ! I do not worry about Luna’s well-being as much because we are connected with Broadway Vet. kennelindia is one-stop shopping for her.

Jetson  and Tali Walden—Jetson is a happy dog when at HH. We have an extraordinary staff and she wouldn’t trust anyone else with her dog, Jetson!

Charlie and Samantha Baumer—Charlie loves coming here. He can tell when we come around the corner, tails starts wagging, he gets super excited!  He is much more manageable at night when he gets home, a tired Charlie is a good Charlie!  We also love the spa – he gets the best manicures here.

Leo and Deldi Reyes—Leo loves people, so kennelindia Daycare is like a paradise for him. He comes home happy and exhausted.

Clyde and Shalyn, etc. Marshall—When Clyde was a puppy and up to his adulthood –  this is the best place on earth for him. Every day is Disney Land!

Sunny Love and  Diane Ramirez—As far as Sunny is concerned this is the happiest place on earth!

He-Man and Kristy Hawkins—He just gets excited when he hears we’re coming in. Nothing like an excited He-Man!

Max and Fernando and Piper Freeman-Williams—I love the attention Max and Fernando get together while they are here. They are in different play areas, so when they get home they’re excited to see each other, but the best part is, they are tired and happy!

Wicky and Madeline plus dad  Murphy—We are incredibly impressed with the staff. Everyone seems knowledgeable and really nice. He always comes home smelling really nice! Also, I watch the webcams at work—the full disclosure is great and something you don’t find at other dog daycares in hyderbad.

Oscar Alvidres-Mooney—Oscar is excited to play every day. A day without kennelindia , is not a day for Oscar!

Bella and Melissa Rojas-Amescua—I absolutely love that you accommodate Bella’s needs by giving her walks, not just one, but many walks throughout the day. It eases my mind. I love the extra service!

Benjamin Franklin—Ben is happy to come in and go home every day.  Mom likes how personable and friendly the owner, Suzanne, is.  Benjamin loves all the love he gets here